Technical consulting and training

Whether it is service claim, or equipment procurement related technical specifications, our sales personnel strive to find and recommend the most suitable service/product for the customer.


Upon request we provide overall counseling in accordance with the proposed instrument/service.

  • Reconciliation of technical requirements
  • Information about the benefits of the offered product/ service
  • Information about any potential special condition concerning the operation
  • Adaptation while paying attention to the user’s local circumstances and specificities (device compatibility).

On-Site Training

During the installation of our products, our colleagues provide free of charge on-site training for the technical personnel. In addition to handing over the Hungarian (either in English if requested) user manuals, our sales team is also ready to provide detailed information for the users regarding the appropriate handling of instruments.

  • Tips for cleaning/ sterilization procedures
  • Troubleshooting of typical failures
  • Information about any revisions
  • Useful ideas for a possible extension of the lifespan of instruments


Our in-house courses and trainings help to keep our customers continuously well informed about:

  • a wide range of application possibilities of our products
  • the current research and development projects and their results
  • Quality assurance/ quality control requirements in accordance with the applicable regulations for medical devices and their compliance with the EMD Ltd.

We give great importance to customer feedback regarding both our products and services. We and our customers are looking forward to your comments and suggestions enabling the development of our products, services and other internal processes.

All of our partners who personally wish to get an insight into the everyday life of our company – by prior arrangement – are welcome at our headquarters in Debrecen.