Mobile service

In 2010, EMD was the first company in Hungary to introduce a niche service by establishing a Mobile Service. 

Mobile Service enables the user to have a planned and scheduled maintenance such as on-site repair service works of blunt/sharp surgical instruments of complete surgical trays.

Through our service we are able to ensure a fast-track process, so that the instruments would be away from the surgical circulation only for the shortest time possible; they would be returned to the user on the day or the day after the repair/maintenance.

The service is available free of charge for the existing contractual partners within the framework of the contract and at the same time offers favorable terms and conditions for occasional orders.

What we provide

  • Accurate arrival – in accordance with the agreed schedule
  • High-qualified specialists
  • Technological background and component bases – according to the EN ISO 13485:2012 quality management system requirements
  • Simplified delivery and takeover documentation, which serves as the basis in the fulfillment of the maintenance contract

Requirements to our partners

  • Contact person – who is available to be contacted by our colleagues to take over the collected instruments and also to hand them back to, once the repair and maintenance works have been completed.
  • Parking – for truck dimensions: length 6.47m, width 1.97m, height 2.94m (since the door of the working area is located on the side of the vehicle, therefore, a width area of 3m is desired).
  • Power supply – 400 VAC (3X32/3X63 A), with a five-pole connection (the service vehicle is equipped with a cable of 25m).

In so far as (yet) we do not stand in contractual partnership with you, also, should you wish to improve your already existing contract to be applicable for blunt/sharp surgical instruments, we are at your disposal for a spot-debut, where a reference work provides illustration for the possibilities and benefits of our service.

For more information on appointments and schedules of the Mobile Service, please contact:


Hunyár Ádámné Mariann

Tel./fax: +36 52 422 465
Mobile: +36 30 640 6033

Should you be interested either in the occasional or the contractual forms of constructions, we are at your service with a detailed elaboration in both cases.