History of the company

EMD Ltd. was founded in 1997 as a Hungarian private property enterprise with Hungarian headquarters.

The profile of the company at the beginning was a repair service of medical instruments, mainly rigid endoscopes and endoscopic instruments (regardless of brands or types) in order to be able to provide a domestic repair service for Hungarian hospitals, clinics and medical institutes, reducing their needs for import services. At the beginning EMD had in business with 5 Hungarian hospitals.

Since 1997 many improvements have been made at EMD Ltd. which have resulted in a significant evolution regarding the wide range of activities, the size of the office and work space, the number of employees, machining equipment and customers.


Company progression in numbers

  1997 2017
Ground space:
380 m2 2100 m2
Number of Employees:
3 42
Number of Machining Equipment: 1 10
Number of Client
5 over 100


Milestones at our company

1997. Founding of the company

Szerviz 5

1998. Purchasing the first CNC machine

1999. EMD engages the first engineer

2000. Opening the branch office in Budapest

Kirendeltség 2

2001. Production and Sales of own developed instruments start

2004. Introduction of a certified quality assurance system according to EN ISO standards

2005. Company activity is enlarged with Export Sales and Services

2007. Repairs Service is extended with a Service Workshop for Flexible Endoscopes (regardless of brands or types)


2010. Launching of a Service Bus, to offer on-the-spot repair service for our clients. Unique Service in Hungary for repairing complete surgical hand instrument sets (Mobile Repair Service)

Mobilszerviz 1

2011. Beginning of building operations of the new site with ground space of 2100 m2

Építkezés 150

2012. Moving to the new premises


IMG_0591 (M) 650

2013. Founding of own R&D Department

kF 1

2014 –  Several development projects were launched, the results of which are expanded our product portfolio

KF 2

From 2014 –  We participate in the international exhibition of health industry

Medica + AH + FIME

2017 –  Anniversary of the foundation of our company

EMD 20 anniversary logo 150

EMD Ltd. seeks to continue innovation regarding technology and asset development, in the aim of producing world class medical devices.

 EMD Endoscope Technology



Certificate MSZ EN ISO 13485:2016

Certificate CE – EMD NeuroLine perforators, EndoLine laparoscopic instruments

Certificate CE -_EMD Trocar systems